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Fighting Together

A tribute.

fighting ovarian cancer

As a tribute to my daughter, Nikida, and her husband Zack, 50% of all proceeds on all products will go to their fight against ovarian cancer and their commitment to supporting ovarian cancer awareness.

Fighting Together

“Fighting Together” is the theme of my tribute to Nikida and Zack Sexton. They are fighting an ovarian cancer battle together. An original design depicting the dragon’s strength, “Fighting Together,” is set in their favorite place where the mountains and rivers run wild.

The river of life flows in shades of teal, the ovarian cancer symbolic color. You’ll notice a double teal cancer ribbon in the bottom circle forms a heart. A variety of products are available with this exclusive design—a design my daughter helped me create.

As a small thank you for shopping at our website and contributing to their cause, a free glossy sticker of “Fighting Together” will be included with every purchase.

Nikida's Story

My 33-year old daughter Nikida was admitted to the hospital on Monday, August 3, 2020, for emergency surgery. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, no one was allowed in the hospital to be with her during her entire ordeal.

The surgeons and doctors removed both of Nikida’s ovaries, along with two and a half gallons of built-up abdominal fluids, diagnosing her with Stage 3a ovarian cancer. Some locally spread to the nearby abdominal walls, yet thankfully no cancer was detected in her lymph nodes, uterus, or other organs! They removed all cancer they could see, and Nikida started aggressive chemotherapy for 18 weeks in Denver on August 20, 2020. After that, the plan is to have her on mild oral chemo for as long as needed.

Starting a family

We celebrated with Nikida and Zack when they got married in our backyard in June of 2018. They were getting ready to start a family when the COVID-19 pandemic caused them to wait a few months. To know them is to love them – it isn’t hard to imagine them being the most extraordinary and loving parents. Due to Nikida’s diagnosis and surgery, they will require IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) and other treatments since it’s now an impossibility for them to conceive a child of their own.

You can help

So many friends and family have reached out asking how they can help Nikida and Zack during this time, especially when COVID keeps us physically apart from one another. Kaila Ramsey Garza started a “Future Family IVF Fund” for them. They will be facing some costly IVF procedures that insurance does not cover. This fund is a meaningful and tangible way to show up for them and let them know we have them in our thoughts and prayers.

If you are not purchasing any products today but would like to donate to their fund, they would appreciate any amount you can give.

Make your contribution directly at GoFundMe, and thank you for your love.

Shop, Fighting Together

Choose the original “Fighting Together” fabric art piece, or select from a unique collection of printed gifts, accessories, and other creations found here.

50% of all proceeds on all products will go to the fight against ovarian cancer and their commitment to supporting ovarian cancer awareness.

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